DraStic Google drive Backup

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Step 1 Download F-Doid >>

Step 2 Download Termux from F-Droid

Step 3 Enter in Termux “termux-setup-storage” (this will allow termux to access storage, like Documents, Downloads, etc.)

Step 4 Install rclone >> in Termux enter “pkg upgrade“, then “pkg install rclone

Step 5 type “rclone config” and Enter, Enter the whole config. (Termux will open a new browser window whare you have to Accept!) (i called my drive gdrive!!)

after that enter the following line.
rclone copy ~/storage/shared/DraStic/backup gdrive:Emu/savegame/DraStic

This will save everything in “Emu/savegame/DraStic” on your google drive!

How to restore?

Just copy/paste the content of DraStic(Google Drive) to your local folder. (mostly “/DraStic/Backup”)

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