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Hi there

I’m just a random dude living his life

Have a good time mate!


Some info about me and stuff  I’m working at.

My Blog

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Check out my Github for some useful PowerShell scripts.

Me so far

My journey

I live here since 2007. I moved to germany Cologne from Ukraine and it were some rough years. But today I’m happy that I did this step.

Realschule am Rhein 2009-2013

My first school was Realschule am Rhein and I graduated after tenth class.

Berufskolleg an der Lindenstraße 2013-2015

My next school was BKAL with main focus on E-Business.

Training at ECKD Service GmbH 2015-2019

Then I had a 4 year training at ECKD as IT system integration technician.

Employee ECKD Service GmbH

Today I work here as an employee with main focus on 2nd Level Support, Active Directory, and PowerShell scripting.